RIKEN Pioneering Project "Biology of Intracellular Environments" We are working on Hero proteins.
Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (B) We are working on parametric regulation of translation.
Nakagawa lab, Hokkaido University We are focusing lncRNAs.
Tomari Lab, The University of Tokyo We are analyzing the mechanism of miRNA-mediated translation repression in Drosophila.
Ohsumi Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology We are investigating autophagy-mediated RNA degradation.
Taguchi Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology We are studying the interaction between ribosome and nascent peptide in E. coli.
Ingolia lab, University of California at Berkeley We are studying translation control by ribosome profiling.
Chemical Genomics Research Group, CSRS, RIKEN We are evaluating the effect of drugs in translation.