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Press Release (The University of Tokyo)
Press Release (Nikkei)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (Kyoto University)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (Kyoto University)
Miyake T., Inoue Y. (equal contribution), Shao X., Seta T., Aoki Y., Nguyen Pham KT., Shichino Y., Sasaki J., Sasaki T., Ikawa M., Yamaguchi Y., Okamura H., Iwasaki S., and Doi M.*:
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Press Release (Kyoto University)
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BioRxiv. (2022)
Press Release (RIKEN)
科学道2023 (RIKEN)
RIKEN Research Highlight (RIKEN)
Yamashita A., Shichino Y., Fujii K., Koshidaka Y., Adachi M., Sasagawa E., Mito M., Nakagawa S., Iwasaki S., Takao K., and Shiina N*.:
“ILF3 prion-like domain regulates gene expression and fear memory under chronic stress”
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (NIBB)
Saito H., Osaki T., Ikeuchi Y., and Iwasaki S.*:
“High-throughput assessment of mitochondrial protein synthesis in mammalian cells using mito-FUNCAT FACS”
Bio protoc. 13(3):e4602. (2023)
Journal Cover
Wakigawa T., Kimura Y. (equal contribution), Mito M., Tsubaki T., Saito H., Khan AH., Yamamori T., Yamazaki T., Higashibata A., Tsuboi T., Saito T., Higashitani A., Shichino Y., and Iwasaki S.*:
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BioRxiv. (2023)
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4.5SH RNA counteracts deleterious exonization of SINE B1 in mice”
Research Square. (2022)
Sneak Peak. (2023)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
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RNA Journal Twitter (2022)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Research Results (AMED)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (The University of Tokyo)
Research Results (AMED)
RIKEN Research Highlight (RIKEN)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (The University of Tokyo)
Press Release (Nikkei)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (Kyushu University)
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (The University of Tokyo)
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“Selectivity of mRNA degradation by autophagy in yeast”
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Editors’ Highlights
Recommended in Faculty Opinions
Yoshimoto R., Chhipi-Shrestha JK., Schneider-Poetsch T., Furuno M., Burroughs MA., Noma S., Suzuki H., Hayashizaki Y., Mayeda A., Nakagawa S., Kaida D., Iwasaki S.*, and Yoshida M.*:
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Press Release
Higashi H., Kato Y., Fujita T., Iwasaki S., Nakamura M., Nishimura Y., Takenaka M., and Shikanai T.*:
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Press Release
Journal Cover
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (The University of Tokyo)
Recommended in Faculty Opinions
Nakazawa K. Shichino Y., Iwasaki S., and Shiina N.*:
“Implications of RNG140 (caprin2)-mediated translational regulation in eye lens differentiation”
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Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (NIBB)
Fujita T., Yokoyama T., Shirouzu M., Taguchi H., Ito T., and Iwasaki S.*:
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Research Square. (2020)
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Press Release
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Press Release (The University of Tokyo)
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Press Release
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Selected as "Editors' Picks Highlights"
Press Release
Fujita T., Kurihara Y.*, and Iwasaki S.*:
“The plant translatome surveyed by ribosome profiling”
Plant Cell Physiol. 60(9):1917-1926. (2019)
Selected as "Editor's choice"
Mito M., Kadota M., Nakagawa S., and Iwasaki S.*:
“tChIP-Seq: cell-type-specific Eepigenome profiling”
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“The translation inhibitor rocaglamide targets a bimolecular cavity between eIF4A and polypurine RNA”
Mol Cell. 73(4):738-748.e9 (2019)
Press Release
Recommended in Faculty Opinions
Akichika S., Hirano S. (equal contribution), Shichino Y., Suzuki Ta., Nishimasu H., Ishitani R., Sugita A., Hirose Y., Iwasaki S., Nureki O.*, and Suzuki Ts.*:
“Cap-specific terminal N6-methylation of RNA by an RNA polymerase II–associated methyltransferase”
Science. 363(6423):eaav0080. (2019)
Press Release (RIKEN)
Press Release (The University of Tokyo)
Press Release (Nikkei)
Recommended in Faculty Opinions
Komatsu T., Yokoi S., Mito M., Fujii K., Kimura Y., Iwasaki S., and Nakagawa S.*:
“UPA-Seq: Prediction of functional lncRNAs using differential sensitivity to UV crosslinking”
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“Transcripts from downstream alternative transcription start sites evade uORF-mediated inhibition of gene expression in Arabidopsis
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 115(30):7831-7836 (2018)
Highlighted by COMMENTARY
Press Release
Recommended in Faculty Opinions
Mito M., Kadota M., Tanaka K., Furuta Y., Abe K., Iwasaki S.*, and Nakagawa S.*:
“Cell-type specific survey of epigenetic modifications by tandem chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing”
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Press Release
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Press Release (Okayama University)
News (QLifePro)
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Press Release
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Recommended in Faculty Opinions
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Journal Cover
Recommended in Faculty Opinions
Takeda A., Iwasaki S., Watanabe T., Utsumi M., and Watanabe Y.*:
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