Shintaro Iwasaki, Ph.D.Chief Scientist (RIKEN)/Associate Professor (The University of Tokyo) Life is full of unknowns. Still simple and fundamental questions have not been answered. Our lab welcomes anybody who share such a question and enjoy science with us.
Rie YokoyamaAdministrative Assistant I’m helping to create good atmosphere for everyone to focus on research. I often go hiking in free time.
Mari MitoLab Technician It is quite exciting to work close to novel discovery. I would like to support research by courteous experiments.
Yuichi Shichino Ph.D.Postdoctoral Researcher I’m interested in fundamental mechanisms of the translation initiation process. It is one of the most exciting moment of research when I find a clue of fact from unintended results.
Shiho Makino, Ph.D.Research Fellow (Postdoctoral Researcher) (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ohsumi lab) I study molecular mechanism of RNA degradation via autophagy and its physiological functions.
Jagat ChhipishresthaStudent Trainee/PhD. Student (The University of Tokyo, Yoshida lab) I am studying the mechanism of epigenetic & translational regulation by the small molecule inhibitors. I am highly grateful for providing me the ideal environment to flourish my knowledge and skills. Mysteries of nature motivate and inspire me to explore more.
Yusuke KimuraStudent Trainee/PhD. Student (The University of Tokyo) I'm interested in intercellular functions of small RNA. It's not democracy that you set off a riot against election returns. After We got a bad result for us, it's very important to consider how to behave. It is also important in our Reseach, isn’t it?
Tomoya FujitaStudent Trainee/PhD. Student (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Taguchi lab) Using E.coli, I’m investigating coupling between ribosome and nascent peptide. My hobby is playing futsal.
Mingming ChenInternational Program Associate (IPA)/PhD. Student (The University of Tokyo) It is fantastic for me to learn new things in such a flexible environment, and everybody here treats each other like a family member. Now I am looking forward to entering into a new world of RNA mechanisms, and making my own contributions to this leading-edge lab in the near future.
Peixun HanStudent Trainee/Master's Student (The University of Tokyo) I am grateful for the opportunity to work in this lab. Starting from scratch, hopefully I can keep up with everyone quickly!
Alumni Marco Öchsner: University of Cambridge, UK Agathe Gilbert: INSA of Lyon, France