Shintaro Iwasaki, Ph.D.Chief Scientist (RIKEN)/Associate Professor (The University of Tokyo) Life is full of unknowns. Still simple and fundamental questions have not been answered. Our lab welcomes anybody who share such a question and enjoy science with us.
Rie YokoyamaAdministrative Assistant I’m helping to create good atmosphere for everyone to focus on research. I often go hiking in free time.
Miho TsunashimaAdministrative Assistant I am happy to be here in the Iwasaki Lab. and will support your administrative work!
Mari MitoLab Technician It is quite exciting to work close to novel discovery. I would like to support research by courteous experiments.
Yuichi Shichino, Ph.D.Research Scientist I’m interested in fundamental mechanisms of the translation initiation process. It is one of the most exciting moment of research when I find a clue of fact from unintended results.
Hirotaka Toh, Ph.D.Postdoctoral Researcher I would like to frontier new science fields at my own pace.
Antonios ApostolopoulosInternational Program Associate/Ph.D. Student (The University of Tokyo) I am interested in developing methods to manipulate mRNA translation. It’s fun when you bump into unexpected results!
Peixun HanJSPS Research Fellow (DC2)/Student Trainee/Ph.D. Student (The University of Tokyo) Love fluffy animals!
Hironori SaitoJunior Research Associate/Student Trainee/Ph.D. Student (The University of Tokyo) I'll work hard to catch up with lab member. I play xc skiing. I like running in nature as well.
Taisei WakigawaSPRING GX Fellow/Student Trainee/Ph.D. Student (The University of Tokyo) I am very excited to start a project in a new environment. I would like to enjoy science.
Kotaro TomuroStudent Trainee/Master's Student (The University of Tokyo) I am grateful for the opportunity to conduct research in this perfect environment. I would like to cherish originality and philosophy in my science.
Alumni Jagat Chhipishrestha, Ph.D.: Postdoc, Washington University in St. Louis, US
Eriko Matsuura-Suzuki, Ph.D.: RIKEN GENESIS CO., LTD., Japan
Mingming Chen, Ph.D.: Assistant professor, Guangdong Ocean University, China
Tomoya Fujita, Ph.D.: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Japan
Haruna Yamashiro, Ph.D.: Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley, US
Yusuke Kimura, Ph.D.: accenture, Japan
Marco Öchsner: Ph.D. student, University of Cambridge, UK
Agathe Gilbert: Master's student, Institut Pasteur, France